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Well by Design Report

Your personalized 50+ page report providing a roadmap to optimal well-being based on your unique design.

Well by Design translates both basic and advanced chart properties into a 50+ page report that describes how to rest, manage stress, move, nourish your body, and support your mental & emotional health in order to be the most vibrant and aligned version of YOU.

Your Well by Design report will cover:

  • How your body indicates that it needs more downtime
  • What quality rest looks and feels like to you
  • What your greatest sources of stress are and how to manage them
  • How to exercise for your energy type
  • How to enhance the quality of your exercise based on your determination & environment
  • How to nourish your body in the most satisfying and supportive way
  • What your most common mental pressures are and how to manage them
  • Which limiting beliefs you’re most sensitive to and how to navigate them
  • How to process emotions in the most productive way for you

Because each report crafted especially for you, please allow up to 5-10 business days for delivery (via email).

IMPORTANT: This report is not a substitute for a personal reading as it is specifically focused on habits and practices related to health & wellness. We recommend that you have a good grasp of the foundations (energy type, strategy, authority, etc.) before purchasing this report, but the information will still be invaluable without it. 

What People Are Saying:

This report breaks it all down in such a simple way AND offers clear, easy-to-follow advice for how to optimize my personal health and wellness routines.

Sarah D.

I'm so grateful for Well by Design! I haven't been able to find anything THIS detailed and personalized when it comes to advanced chart properties!

June H.